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Family-Friendly Emergency Dentist Serving Jacksonville, FL

 Emergency Dentist in Jacksonville

Discover the difference a dental team that cares about your family can make in your approach to care. At Top Dental, your family’s needs always come first–that’s why we remain a locally trusted and preferred emergency dentist in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. When it comes to urgent care (as well as basic care), there’s no clinic more qualified to provide the professional attention you deserve.


Get in touch with our clinic today to speak with a staff member and schedule your appointment. Alternatively, if you’re experiencing what you believe is a dental emergency, use our emergency line to request immediate assistance. A qualified member of our team will talk with you about your symptoms and determine which steps you should take at this time.


Focused on Your Needs

If you’ve searched for dentists near you in the past, you know how challenging it can be to find a clinic that meets the needs of your entire family–especially if you have young children or elderly relatives. Not all offices provide coverage for these members of the family. That’s because they have specialized care requirements that call for attention from a dentist with specialized training.


But at Top Dental, none of your loved ones have to go without coverage, nor do you need to search for another dental clinic near you to get that coverage. We are proud to offer a full range of services for infants, children, teenagers, and adults of every age. That’s right–you never have to go elsewhere to schedule appointments for anyone in your entire household. Dental care has never been easier or more convenient.


What Counts as an Emergency

Many of our patients contact us with worries about whether their dental problems are considered emergencies. Our response to these calls is that it doesn’t matter–we always want to hear from you if you’re worried about your teeth or gums. Even if you are on the fence about your particular problem, our emergency dentists prefer to receive a call from you than let a potentially severe issue go untreated.


However, if you really want to know what kind of dental problems constitute emergencies, you can use the symptoms list below. We’ve compiled it using data from past patients, as well as our extensive dental knowledge. If you’ve noticed one or more of the symptoms on this list in your smile or a loved one’s smile, we encourage you to bring it to our clinic’s attention.


Bleeding Gums

Sore/Sensitive Gums

Tooth Pain/Sensitivity

Noticeable Infection/Oozing

Headaches Associated with Oral Pain


Once you’re aware of these symptoms, get in touch with an emergency dentist at our clinic to determine your next steps. We may recommend you visit the ER in lieu of scheduling an emergency appointment at one of our clinics based on your description of your symptoms. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you’ll receive expert guidance during your time of need.


Flexible Scheduling Options

At Top Dental, we understand the challenges that families face when it comes to medical appointments. We’re parents ourselves, so we know that if Mom and Dad are working 9 to 5 jobs, it can be difficult to find time for the kids’ dentist visits. Of all the dentists near you, however, we pride ourselves on being one of the only ones that offers weekend and evening appointments for busy parents.


When you reach out to arrange an appointment, our friendly staff will listen carefully to your availability before checking open slots in our calendar. We set aside time especially for families that struggle to fit appointments during “normal” business hours. This makes everyone’s lives easier, as well as ensures you never have to miss work (and your child never has to miss school) to get the oral care they deserve!

Financing Help Available

Medical emergencies happen. When they do, few people expect them. It’s a fact of life that excellent care costs money–and Top Dental understands. Though we strive to keep our prices low for our patients’ convenience, we know that some families struggle to pay for services rendered at times. That’s why we offer affordable financing options through our partners at Lend-a-Lot.


Lend-a-Lot works with families to create payment plans that are realistic and effective. Talk to their team using the link below, or reach out to one of our dental clinics near you to learn more.


Be sure to ask about special prices and discounts on the services your family uses most often to take your dollar further. Top Dental is committed to affordable care. This means we’re always looking for ways to help you save. New patients and bundled services are frequently available at reduced prices, so check back soon for more updates.


Contact us today to speak with an emergency dentist about your family’s urgent care needs. We proudly serve patients throughout Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas.